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Buy Next Year's School Supplies with One Click

Skip the back to school lines, and treat yourself to a stress-free back to school season by ordering your child's school supplies for the '24-'25 school year now.

The one stop shop school supply kits can be found here.

All orders are due by July 1, 2024.

The Nettelhorst school and the NPTO have setup one-click shopping to make it easy as pie to buy your kids school supplies for next fall.

NEW THIS YEAR! In additional to your child(ren)'s individual supplies, there is an "essential class supply kit" that has your basic communal and cleaning supplies that will be given to each of the essential classrooms (PE, Art, Drama, and Music) to make sure they have everything they need too. Our hope is to have 30 essential kits purchased. Added bonus... ALL kits give $5 right back to our school. Support the school and skip the lines.

Quick FAQ

  • The deadline to order is July 1st

  • You can always order these items on your own, if you prefer. (writer's note: I tried this one year; it's way harder to shop on your own than you think)

  • Boxes will be shipped to your house shortly after you order and you can drop them off during the ice cream social or first day of school

  • Some grades ask that you order different boxes based on the first letter of your kids last name. For example, Sophia García in 5th grade would order “5TH - A-M” because her last name starts with “G”.

  • Extra Credit: At the bottom of the list you will see “Essentials Kit - All Grades”. We are looking for 30 families to volunteer to order these kits which will provide supplies needed for the whole school. They will be delivered directly to school and not to your home.

Special thanks to Dr Marburger and Ms. Gereaux for helping organize the project!



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