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Cubs Charities Donates $25,000 to Nettelhorst

Nettelhorst is honored and excited to announce the receipt of $25,000 donation from the Cubs Charities to support our annual fundraising goal for Stallion Stampede!

"Cubs Charities is excited to continue our commitment to supporting our incredible community schools and being a good neighbor. We are delighted to announce we will once again award Nettelhorst School an All-Star Donation of $25,000. Our goal is to support a safe, healthy and enriching learning environment for students, faculty and community. It is a privilege for us to contribute and serve as an additional resource to your school. Go Nettelhorst and Go Cubs!"

Every dollar goes directly to Nettelhorst to support our children's education. If you haven't seen the Stallion Stampede experience, what are you waiting for?


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