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Donuts for Education? Yes, Please!

On May 13, Nettelhorst will get 20% of every purchase from Stan's on Broadway from 7am - 730pm!

Anyone can participate as long as they say "Nettelhorst" at the counter or Pre-Order with the promo code FUN2023

***Online pre-orders strongly recommended. And you can start Pre-Ordering Now at!

  • Your co-workers can pre-order, and you can bring them into the office after drop-off.

  • Your out of state family and friends and pre-order, and you can pick up on May 13 and ship the donuts to them.

  • Grandma can pre-order, and you'll pick up and hand out to strangers in the Loop.

  • May 13 = Donuts for Dinner Day!

You are going to have a lot of leftover donuts, so here are some great leftover donut recipes you can do with your kiddos!


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