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Nettelhorst is Becoming a Zero Waste School

On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, Nettelhorst is a Zero Waste School.

This is a common-sense way to reduce waste, fighting both the climate crisis and food insecurity, by shifting operations and minds towards generating zero waste through source reduction, recycling, composting, and food recovery.

  • Help schools plan effective waste reduction strategies

  • Provide on-the-ground support for operational changes

  • Educate students and staff about the How and Why of going zero waste

  • Connect schools with local partners and opportunities

  • Drive policy changes and infrastructure development that promote zero waste

We are partnering with Seven Generations Ahead to recycle, reduce food waste with the share table and compost all leftover food waste, milk cartons, and food trays.

Why go zero waste?

  • Gives students something positive that they can do on a daily basis to combat climate change

  • Empowers students and provides leadership opportunities

  • School can serve as a model for other schools

  • Potential for cost savings

  • Can make curricular connections

  • Contributes to community zero waste goals

Want to Learn More?

Here is a presentation from Seven Generations Ahead for more information.

Want to Help?

Help is still needed to guide the students to place things in the correct area. We are looking for one or two people who can come during lunch (10:45- 1:15).

Email Aurora Proudfoot at

What's Next?

There are several working parts to this. Right now it's helping students to place things in the correct area during lunch clean up. There are plans to begin brining into the classroom in School Year (SY) 2025.


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