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Teen-Focused Art Fest Looking for Nettelhorst Artists

New Expressions Art Fest is an art fest dedicated to providing teens (12 and up!) with a free, first tabling experience and opportunities to get advice and mentorship from industry professionals.

Co-hosted by Merlo Branch Library and Chicago Comics, the event happens in Nettelhorst's back playlot and always keeps a special place for Nettelhorst artists.

The application is open with a space for Nettelhorst students to self-identify with the hope of having a Nettelhorst-specific table or pair students up so that they have a familiar peer nearby.

There is more information about the fest at: bit.lyNEArt, and you can view the application at:

Applications close on July 1, 2024, and applicants will learn if they were admitted shortly after the deadline.

If you have questions, reach out to Alenka Figa (they/them), Merlo Teen Librarian at



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